Month: December 2016

Obama Enacts Social Security Gun Ban

Right before Christmas, when no one was paying attention, the Obama Administration put a “Social Security Gun Ban” into effect, robbing tens of thousands of American senior citizens of the right to selfdefense.

The ban focuses on any Social Security recipient who needs help managing their finances. Apparently, to the Obama administration, if a senior citizen needs some help making sense of their finances, like millions of middle-aged Americans do, they’re considered anything from “subnormal intelligence or mental illness” to “incompetency,” an unspecified “condition,” or “disease.”

It’s nothing but a way for Obama to begin taking away 2nd Amendment rights under the guise of “helping” people who supposedly need it.

What’s most frightening about this type of gun ban is the fact that there is ZERO oversight – the federal government is the judge and jury in every case, determining unilaterally, often with no evidence, that someone is incapable of owning a firearm.

The moment a Social Security beneficiary asks for a little assistance with their finances, the process for determining “mental health status” begins, and incrementally becomes more intrusive into Senior Citizens lives as the process goes along.

And if, or more appropriately when, a “ruling” of mental illness sufficient to meet the reporting threshold is handed down, unilaterally by the people who enacted the measures, the beneficiary is immediately reported and prohibited from purchasing firearms from that day forward.

No questions asked.

This is nothing but Obama’s last ditch effort to enact his radical liberal gun agenda on innocent, law abiding Americans who are the most vulnerable among us.

It’s sickening and despicable.

GOP Reps Launch “Second Amendment Caucus” For Major Gun Rights Push

Led by Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky), a group of Conservative members of Congress are relaunching the “Second Amendment Caucus” for a major gun rights push under the new Congress and President Donald Trump.

The original Second Amendment Caucus was launched in 2004, but was renamed and became a “task force” in 2009. Under Congressman Massie’s leadership, the group’s focus will be redirected to tackle the gun rights opportunities now available to the Republican majorities in the House and Senate, as well as the Trump White House.

Massie, one of the most conservative members of Congress, has long been a major supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, defending the Second Amendment against any and all attacks from the radical left.

“The recent election results present us with a new opportunity to advance pro-gun legislation and reverse the erosion of the Second Amendment that’s occurred over the last few decades,” Massie said in a statement announcing the relaunch of the caucus. “I look forward to working with the new President and this determined group of conservatives to promote a pro-gun agenda.”

North Carolina’s own, Congressman Mark Meadows, the new Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, is also on board as a founding member of the Second Amendment Caucus. Meadows, like Massie, has always stood up for gun rights while serving in Congress.

“The Second Amendment is one of the most fundamental liberties in our nation’s history, and I’m honored to join my colleagues in a concerted effort to defend it,” Rep. Meadows said in a statement. “When the American people spoke on November 8, they provided conservatives a unique opportunity to advance principles and legislation that put the rights of Americans and our Constitution first.

“I look forward to working with my fellow caucus members to developing a pro-Second Amendment agenda and sending a clear message that the rights of our citizens shall not be infringed.”

In addition to pushing a pro-gun agenda in Congress, the caucus will also bring many guest speakers to Capitol Hill, including “firearm experts, constitutional scholars, and pro-gun groups” who will address the importance of the Second Amendment and specific pieces of legislation to protect gun rights.

To ensure the caucus remains true to it’s intention to advance only the most pro-gun legislation possible, membership into the caucus will only be awarded to the Congressmen who have the highest pro-gun voting record, and have displayed a proven ability and history of “drafting and sponsoring pro-gun legislation.”

Outside of Massie and Meadows, other founding members of the Second Amendment Caucus include: Jeff Duncan (R-South Carolina), Ted Yoho (R-Florida), Brian Babin (R-Texas), Paul Gosar (R-Arizona), Ken Buck (R-Colorado), Alex Mooney (R-West Virginia), Justin Amash (R-Michigan), Jody Hice (R-Georgia), Dave Brat (R-Virginia), Warren Davidson (R-Ohio), Scott Perry (R-Pennsylvania), and James Comer (R-Kentucky).

WAR ON COPS: 6 Georgia Officers Shot In 6 Days

While the media completely ignores the War on Cops being waged across the country, three small town police departments in Georgia are reeling from the reality of the world we live in.

Across three separate instances in three small towns in Georgia, six officers have been killed over the course of the past six days.

With 64 police officers dying over the past year, 2016 has far outpaced 2015’s 12-month total for police fatalities. With 8 officers dying in Georgia alone, the state has the fourth highest number of police deaths in the nation, with other states not far behind.

“Clearly, our officers are facing horrendous and growing risks while serving and protecting our communities,” Alex Murphy, a spokesman for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, said.

“It is time for all elected officials, the media and law abiding citizens everywhere to stand in solidarity with our law enforcement professionals and condemn and confront those who are directing violence and hate toward them.”

When there is trouble in towns all across this nation, the local police are the first to respond. They’re the first to run towards the danger, and the last to ever think about their own well-being.

We’re not going to be able to keep our brave law enforcement officers completely safe – it’s just not plausible. They’re thrown into dangerous situations on a daily basis.

The threats will always be there.

But as one nation we can stand up and say NO MORE.

The time period in which our cops are under constant siege by our own citizens must end. And it must end right now.

WE have to stand in solidarity with the boys in blue, letting them know no matter what happens, we Back The Badge.

Blue Lives Matter, too.

Stay safe, officers.

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