Month: November 2016

Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition Has a To-Do List

As the 2016 Presidential race winded down in the final weeks, Donald Trump’s campaign was in the process of putting together a Second Amendment Coalition dedicated to helping the President-elect ensure his administration does everything in it’s power to protect the right to keep and bear arms.

Trump’s eldest son, Donald Jr., is heading up the 62-member group, along with the NRA’s top lobbyist, Chris Cox.

One member in particular, John Boch, the executive director of Illinois-based group Guns Save Life, told in an interview that he is eager to share with the new administration his views on how to dismantle decades of presidential actions on firearms — just as soon as he is asked. reports:

“I am looking forward to helping protect and defend the Second Amendment over the course of a generation or two,” he told The Trace by phone, noting that he was cleaning his gun while he chatted.

The list of policies that Boch is eager to see eliminated is similar to those of other gun activists: He wants aggressive legislation that will force states to honor concealed carry permits issued by states with looser gun laws. He also wants Trump to roll back many other, less-known measures implemented by his predecessors, including the elimination of restrictions on purchases of Chinese guns.

The agenda Boch proposes highlights the intent of gun rights advocates to undo as many federal firearms regulations as they can. They have good cause for their optimism: Trump ran the most assertively pro-gun campaign in memory, backed by record breaking funding from the NRA.

The full to-do list for the Trump Second Amendment Coalition can be viewed in it’s entireity on by CLICKING HERE.

More Gun Shops Robbed In North Carolina

Police are currently investigating a robbery at the Bass Pro Shops in Concord after it was broken into early Thursday morning.

According to police, three 12-gauge shotguns and five rifles were stolen sometime before 5 A.M. after someone smashed a store window to get inside.

CBS North Carolina also reports:

“The stolen items and damage were valued at a total of $5,099.92.

Pete Franzese with the City of Concord said that officers think they have identified one of the suspects responsible, but no arrests have been made.

Gerod King with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) confirmed that his agency is assisting in the investigation.”

As you may be aware, robberies at gun shops across North Carolina have become an issue throughout the past year.

In just the past three months, robberies have been reported at shops in Charlotte, Concord, Mount Holly and Cornelius.

As recounts:

“On September 27, Aim and Defend in Lowell was robbed. That same day, thirteen guns were stolen from Repent Arms in Concord.

On October 18, someone attempted to rob Ideal Sportsman, and on October 21, Eagle Guns and Range was burglarized—both shops were in Concord.

When Eagle Guns and Rage was robbed on October 21, WSCO-TV noted that over 420 guns have been stolen in the Charlotte area this year alone.”

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